SAMSUNG BLE Voice Smart TV Remote Control

About this item Product Code: YKR-066 No programming is needed, easy to use. the Samsung smart remote control with full function keys include all common Samsung functions (include voice control) the following remotes: BN59-01270A 、 BN59-01311B etc. No programming is needed, easy to use. Suitable for the Samsung Smart OLEDTV Model

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You know, Samsung is the most popular Smart TV brand in the world. Top-rated, 4K and high-definition TVs adorn the walls and entertainment centers of millions of homes globally. However, there is a trouble that all customers of these TVs facing—that is, one more no-so-intuitive remote control. Of course, this is in addition to growing pile of remotes you already have for cable TV, Amazon Fire TV, audio equipment, DVR Apple TV, Roku, and so on. If it breaks or lose it, well, you may miss the latest episode of The Walking Dead. The TV will be no so “smart,” really. From this point of view, we review the 8 best Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls for virtually any budget. Some of them will permit you to control other devices in your media arsenal.  3 of them will also let you control smart home devices to boot. Decent universal remote for under 10 bucks…really? Really. The Coolux Universal Remote Control was designed for “all Samsung LCD, LED, HDTV, and 3D smart TVs.  It is a standard looking remote control with a black, gray and red design. This remote was designed to just work with your Samsung television. There is no special pairing or set up required. In fact, the company doesn’t even include instructions in the packaging.  For under $10, this might sound too good to be true.  Anyway, customers overwhelming support this claim and give it an excellent rating on Amazon. You can read the latest Amazon customer reviews and specifications here. This will not work with your smart home devices, but rather it will replace your Samsung factory remote.  Please be noted that 2 AAA batteries are not included, but hey what do you want for $10! More, it has hotkeys for many of your smart TV functions. include keys for Netflix, Status, Amazon, and Search. You can customize your own keys.  Like the Coolux this won’t let you consolidate several remotes or work with smart home technology.  The remote was designed as a replacement for your factory one. A few customers have complained about the setup and pairing with a hub for TVs that are not compatible. but, most customers said that the remote “just worked” with their TV. Like with the Coolux, you need to buy your own batteries, so we suggest you having them on hand before this arrives.

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Brand Name SAMSUNG Model Number BN59-01270A BN59-01311B
Certification CE Color Silver
Place of origin China Material Steel
Code Fixed Code Function Waterproof / blue-teeth Voice
Usage SAMSUNG4K OLED TV Suitable for

Q80T / Q70T /  Q60T / Q90T /  Q800T / Q900TS  / Q950TS  / TU8000

Hard IC Battery 2*AA/AAA, Alkaline
Frequency 2.4G Hz Logo SAMSUNG / Customized
Package Paper bag Product structure PCB+Rubber+Plastic+Shell+Spring+LED+ IC+Resistance+Capacitance+MIC+Crystal
Quantity 100pc per Carton
Carton Size 62*33*31 cm
Unit Weight 67.1 g
Gross Weight 8.17 kg
Net Weight 6.71 kg
Lead-time Negotiable

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